Our Mission

Our mission is to support and equip students, teachers, and parents by providing amazing Pre-K through Grade 12 academic resources based upon biblical values.

The Abeka Difference

Abeka’s proven approach to teaching helps teachers teach and students learn.

It begins with our traditional philosophy of education. This teacher-directed framework empowers teachers to focus students’ attention on the material they need to learn—in a context and sequence that will help them learn it best.

As students begin to grasp what’s being taught, newly acquired concepts and skills are fortified time and again using a method often referred to as spiral learning.

Finally, students’ growing mastery of subject matter is strengthened because of the comprehensive design of our curriculum. Material taught in one subject is reinforced in other subjects. At every step of the way, students learn, apply, and master new concepts and skills.

Since education shouldn’t end with a diploma, Abeka gives students a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. We make it easy so you can make it amazing.

Objectives & Outcomes

What will students learn with Abeka? What kind of people will they become? Leading your children or your students down the path toward academic excellence and Christian character isn’t easy, but it will always be worth it. We're here to help.

Our aim is for each student—either at home or in a Christian school classroom—to grow intellectually, morally, and spiritually.



Numbers & Skills With Button Bear:  Teaches recognition of new numbers as well as matching, tracing and listening skills.

Letters & Sounds:  They learn the shape and sounds of each letter of the alphabet.    It gives them practice in letter formation.

Arts & Crafts:  They have a variety of crafts with at least one craft a week.  Learning coloring, tracing, gluing and cutting.

Learning Games:  These are used during phonics and numbers times to motivate the children and to make learning enjoyable and fun. Appropriate learning games are suggested daily.

Poetry, Finger Plays, and Music:  These enhance the child’s natural love of  poetry and music.

Bible Time:  This includes pledges to the flags and bible patriotic song, hymns and choruses, memory verses, prayer time and the Bible lesson.


ABC-123: Introduces your child to basic phonics and number skills. Helps your child read one vowel and two vowel words. Using blend ladders and coloring exercises. Your child will learn to recognize all the letters and the sounds that they make as well as how to count and recognize numbers.

Reading Skill: This will help your child develop dexterity and readiness skills. It works on hand-eye coordination, visual perception and thinking skills.

Writing With Phonics: This will help your child with phonics,  penmanship, reasoning and coloring.  This book brings writing and reading together.  Helps them write and recognize letters and sounds with tracing and coloring exercises.

ABC Writing Tablet:  Teaches the proper way to form the letters using the upstairs, downstairs, middle and basement method.

Little Books 1-12:  Helps them to read with these phonic based beginner readers.  They use basic vowel and consonant sounds and then graduate into complete words and sentences. Teaching them how to build a word by combining a consonant and vowel sound together.

Animal Friends Books:  Helps them to read one vowel and two vowel words with stories about animals.  Helps your child develop a phonic based system of reading.

Art:  Helps them to following directions with painting, tracing, cutting and gluing.  Teaches them to be creative.

Bible Activity Book:  Highlights your childs favorite Bible story with coloring, tracing, drawing dot-to-dot and simple  mazes.

Bible Story Cards:  Used to teach a Bible lesson based on lessons from the Bible. Helping them to know more about God and His love for the.